Photo Exhibition: ArtDevo


A SPBD fez 10 anos em 2016!

SPBD turned 10 years old in 2016!

The photo exhibition organized to celebrate SPBD 10 year anniversary can now be visited at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, Campus de Gambelas, University of Algarve (building 2). The exhibition will then be available to travel. Please let us know if you want to receive it at your institution!


SPBD held a Closing Ceremony of the ArtDevo Photo Exhibition on 4 January 2017 where the winners of the ArtDevo PUBLIC AWARD (sponsored by Grupo Taper / Zeiss) were announced!

The four winners were: Marco Campinho, Lara Carvalho, Tomás Pais de Azevedo and Inês Cristo.


Pictures from the Closing ceremony:



SPBD celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. As part of this celebration SPBD shared the ART within Developmental Biology with the general public. 

To this end, the SPBD organized the PHOTO EXHIBITION: 

ArtDevo: the hidden beauty of the embryo | ArtDevo: a beleza escondida do embrião. 

A jury composed of artists, designers and researchers chose a total of 30 images from the ones submitted by Developmental Biologists to integrate the Photo Exhibition which was on display at the Sala Azul of the MUSEU NACIONAL DE HISTÓRIA NATURAL E DA CIÊNCIA (MUHNAC).

The opening was on 23 September 2016 (see photos here)....

                                                                                                  .... and the exhibition remained on display until 8 January 2017.

The two images with most votes from the jury got the ArtDevo JURY AWARD. Congratulations to Rita Fior who won the 1st prize of the jury and to Tomás Pais de Azevedo who won the 2nd prize!!

Jury members were:

Alexandre Farto aka VHILS, Street Artist
Manuel Costa Cabral, Artist / Former Director of Fine Arts, FCG / Founder of Ar.CO
Marta Vitorino, Marketing / Advertising, Partners 
Luís Barra, Photographer, Visão
Sara Sá, Journalist, Visão
Catarina Ramos, Science Communication, Fundação Champalimaud
Gil Costa, Scientist / Designer, Fundação Champalimaud
António Coutinho, Scientist, Former Director of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Maria Mota, Scientist, Executive Director of Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Mónica Bettencourt Dias, Scientist, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência