Development in Action

“Development in Action” - ­DiA - Meetings a series of VERY INFORMAL meetings organised by the members of the SPDB.  We get together once every three months (generally alternating between IMM, FCUL, IGC and CEDOC). We also organise a yearly SPECIAL DiA meeting with our “out-of-Lisbon” members in mind.  More information


Meetings and courses of interest

European Developmental Biology Congress, Alicante, Spain, 23-26 October 2019

This congress has the support of the main European Societies (including SPBD!) and aims to stimulate excellence and exchange in Developmental Biology and to promote this area of research in the European context.

NEW deadline for abstract submission: 30 June 2019  |  Deadline for early registration: 31 July 2019  |  More information about financial support for SPBD members here 

11th International Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies (SPCE-TC), Lisbon, Portugal, 10-12 October 2019

This meeting highlights outstanding speakers who will share with you their latest discoveries in the emerging moving field of stem cells and cell therapies. Thus, for 3 days, you will have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and be inspired by top-level keynote lectures to further improve the field of stem cell research.

Deadline for abstract submission: 13 June 2019  |  Deadline for early registration: 31 July 2019  |  More information here

Champalimaud Research Symposium 2019 "Tissue environment in health and disease", Lisbon, Portugal, 8-10 October 2019.

The Symposium will address how intrinsic and extrinsic environments impact on tissue homeostasis and will take the form of a scientific meeting, with 17 invited speakers, several talks selected from abstracts and poster sessions. The topic will be highlighted from different angles and include discussion on the homeostatic mechanisms that underlie inflammation, injury, aging and oncogenic transformation in different tissues of our body. Invited speakers will therefore cover aspects from immunology, cell signaling, genetics and tissue regeneration in different model organisms.

Deadline for early registration: 14 June 2019 | SPBD members have a discounted fee! | Deadline for abstract submission: 26 July 2019  More information here.

10th International Course on Developmental Biology, Paris, France, 16 September - 16 October (full course) or 7-17 October (seminar course), 2019.

Institut Curie and Sorbonne Université (SU) organize their 10th International Developmental Biology course.

The programme is proposed in two versions:
- a 4.5 week-long course including 3 weeks of practicals and 10 days of lectures (limited to 18 students, September 16 - October 16).
- a 10 day-long version including only the lectures (limited to 35, October 7-17)
Students will present scientific articles related to the topics discussed.
Students and lecturers will have the opportunity to meet during an informal coffee break/lunch every day.

Deadline for registration: 15 July 2019.  No registration fee. More information here.

Advanced Course on: Model Organisms in Human Disease | The right organism for a specific question, Porto, 8-12 July, 2019

Model organisms such as baker’s yeast, bacteria, nematodes, fruit flies, zebrafish, and mice have become powerful tools in modern research, providing valuable information about human disease at multiple levels, from molecules to behavior. In this course, we will explore current models of human diseases, including neurodegeneration and cancer. Our goal will be to understand what makes these organisms such excellent experimental models in medical research, as well as the strategies used to build appropriate models of human disease to address specific biological or medical questions. The course will discuss major discoveries made with these organisms, their advantages and disadvantages, and how the knowledge gained can be translated to other organisms, including humans.

See poster. Deadline for registration: 3 July 2019. More information here.

Interrogations at the Biointerface | 7th Advanced Summer School | Do organoids fill the in vivo / in vitro gap? Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, Porto, 27-28 June, 2019

In 2019, the “Interrogations at the Biointerface - 7th Advanced Summer School” with the specific topic “Do organoids fill the in vitro/in vivo gap?” will take place in Porto, organized by i3S (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde) / INEB (Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica) of the University of Porto.

This year edition of the Advanced Summer School will be held in Biblioteca Almeida Garret, in the beautiful city of Porto from the 27th to 28th of June, 2019. These two days will be devoted to lectures around an innovative topic – Organoids - with renowned and expert speakers. Participants are encouraged to submit their research work to be present either an oral presentation or poster. The lectures will take place in a very informal environment and participants are encouraged to participate and bring questions that can contribute to the advance of knowledge through interactive approaches.

Deadline for abstract submission: 1 May 2019 | For programme and more information, click here

Early bird registration deadline: 24 May 2019  | Normal registration deadline: 6 June 2019 | See here for details about fees and deadlines.

Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory "Zebrafish Development and Genetics” summer course, Woods Hole, USA, August 5-19, 2019 

This intensive two-week course caters to advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and independent investigators who are incorporating the zebrafish model into their research and/or teaching. Applications from underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged. 

The hands-on curriculum focuses on molecular, genetic, and imaging methods for using zebrafish as a powerful model system for the study of vertebrate development, regeneration, and disease. A variety of time-proven and emerging technologies are covered. The overall goal is to promote excellence in zebrafish research by creating a collaborative environment that engages students through comprehensive laboratory exercises and interactive discussions guided by 20 international leaders in the field. Enrollment is limited to 22 students. 

More information and application instructions are available on the following webpage:

Deadline to apply: 15 April 2019. Substantial financial assistance is available. 

EMBO Workshop | Limb development and regeneration: new tools for a classic model system, Barcelona, Spain, 2-5 July 2019

Deadline for abstract submission: 2 April 2019  |  Deadline for registration: 21 May 2019   More information here


Funding opportunities for meetings:

PLoS Early Career Travel Award Program

The Company of Biologists Scientific Meeting Grants Travel Grant Program



2018 Joint Meeting SPBD|SEBD|SFBD

SPBD held a successful joint meeting with SEBD and SFBD in Porto on 7-10 November 2018. 

 More information!

SPBD turned 10 years old in 2016

A SPBD fez 10 anos em 2016!

SPBD turned 10 years old in 2016!

On the 23th of September 2016 we had a BIG CELEBRATION in Lisbon!!!

A One-Day Symposium with 2 special guests (Nicole Le Douarin  and  Phil Ingham) and

Inauguration of a Photo Exhibition (ArtDevo) of your best photos on display in MUHNAC until 31 December 2016.


Masters and PhD programmes in Developmental Biology

Masters in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology / Mestrado em Biologia Evolutiva e do Desenvolvimento, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

More information

Do you organise a post-graduate programme in Developmental Biology? Send your link to comunicacao.spbd [at]!